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May 2006

from Andrew Bonar


Sabbath-days are well-days in the desert journey, days when we fill the waterskins, to journey on to another well’

‘You will notice that you far oftener meet a man labouring under a sense of sin than one labouring under a sense of mercies. We pick out all the little crosses and troubles of our life and mourn over them, and forget our mercies. The whole burden of our life is mercy, mercy, mercy’

'God likes to see His people shut up to this, that there is no hope but in prayer. Herein lies the Church's power against the world'

‘Their past experience was not of great use to the Israelites in their journeyings. They needed always to consult God. If you think you will get through anything because you got through before, you will certainly fail. You must ask fresh counsel of God and consult with Him continually’

‘May we be able to spread our Bibles on the mercy-seat, and read them by the light of the cloud of glory’

‘Before you are saved you can do nothing to please God. After you are saved you cannot do enough to please Him’

'If the word everlasting were not in our salvation, in our righteousness, we would be unsatisfied with it all. If 'everlasting' were not written over the joys of heaven, we would be trembling lest the banquet should have an end, lest the  day should have an evening.'

Taken from Heavenly Springs by Andrew A Bonar (Banner of Truth Trust)