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Choice Gleanings

John Fletcher

April 2014

  from Archibald G Brown

Archibald G Brown (1844-1922) was, at different times, pastor of the East London Tabernacle and the Metropolitan Tabernacle. He and C H Spurgeon were close friends, and Brown has been described as ‘a preacher of genius, a natural orator, and a man of glowing devotion to Christ and the souls of men’. The following gleanings are extracted from some of his sermons.

There are two passages of Scripture which ought never to be separated. One is ‘The Lord’s portion is his people’. That is God’s side. And the other passage is this: ‘The Lord is my portion, saith my soul’. God and my soul possess each other. God finds his portion in his people, and his people find their portion in God. This God is mine in all his glorious perfection. His heart is mine, for he loves me. His ear is mine, for I may pour into it all my tales of sorrow and all my songs of joy. His eyes are mine, for they watch me from morning until night. His hand is mine, for it is stretched out to uphold me. Oh, he is a God of infinite glory. Abased in the very dust, and half bewildered by the thought, I yet dare to look up, and say, ‘This God is our God’.

Our God is a God of might, and a God of right, and a God of mercy, and a God of truth. On these four attributes, as on four massive blocks of granite, does the soul venture to build her eternal hopes.

‘Lovingkindness’ is about the most lovely word in the Bible. It is a mixture of two things, both of which are sweet – love and kindness; and when you blend them together you get lovingkindness. I have sometimes received kindness which was not particularly loving, and which on that account lost half its beauty; and I have met some persons who were very loving, but they had not an opportunity to show their love in any practical kindness. But when we get love and kindness mingled, when the kindness has been shown in love, and when the love has manifested itself in kindness, then we have the acme of all that is blessed. Our God, great in nature, power, and wisdom, and great as a refuge, is a God who is known by his lovingkindness.

There is a deep peace for the believer that flows like a river; a peace that the devil cannot break up, peace that abides when everything else is in turmoil. Some of you will be thinking today what a lot of motion there is in the sea;  on the surface the waves are very high, and there is a gale in the Channel, but you only have to go down deep enough to find that the waters that are deep down are never moved; there is perfect stillness down there. If God’s children have deep peace they also have deep joy, a joy unspeakable, and, to crown all they are told by the Spirit that there are for them deep purposes of future glory.

There never was a more actual or real birth in any home than there is within the breast when the Spirit of God comes to a man in regenerating power. There is a new nature begotten of God by the incorruptible seed of the word. There is something within the believer’s breast which nature never put there – which self did not put there – which the world did not put there. It comes directly from God, and has a divine parentage.