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   Robert Murray M'Cheyne Picture

April 2013

  from Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Robert Murray M’Cheyne was born on 21 May 1813 and died young in 1843. So this present year (2013) marks two hundred years since his birth. His ministry is especially associated with St Peter’s Church, Dundee.

When addressing a missionary candidate
It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.

On the last anniversary of his brother’s death before his own
This day eleven years ago, I lost my loved and loving brother, and began to seek a Brother who cannot die.

When preaching on the transfiguration
There have been men in the church greatly honoured by God. Some are not only of the twelve but of the three. There are many in the church who have been eminent believers. Ah! brethren, covet earnestly the best gifts. It is good to be among the twelve, but it is far better to be among the three.

Two portions from his preaching on John 11
The reason why many of you do not understand your lost condition, is not that it is not taught in the Bible, not that the words are difficult (the Bible is a plain, simple book), but it is that you do not wish to be convinced of sin – you do not want your fine dreams of your own goodness and safety to be dashed to pieces. The reason why many of you do not understand the way of forgiveness, is that you do not like it – your heart is averse from God’s way – you cannot bear to have all your righteousness accounted rags, and to be beholden entirely to the righteousness of One. The reason why many saints among you cannot see your rule of duty plain, is that you are averse from the duty. You want to have your own way, and you cannot understand the Scriptures that contradict it.

When he saw the cave, and the stone, and the weeping friends, ‘Jesus wept’. He wept because his heart was deeply touched. It was not feigned weeping – it was real. He knew that he was to raise him from the dead, and yet he wept because others wept. He wept as our example, to teach us to weep with one another. He wept to show what was in him.

On our union with one another in Christ
When we are united to Christ, we are united to all the brethren. It is a closer relation than any other, for it outlasts every other. The wife of your bosom will one day be separated from you. Father and child, sister and brother, may be separated eternally; but not so Christian and Christian. They are for ever and for ever branches of the same tree for eternity, stones of the same temple for ever. Now it must be the happiness of one member to help another.

Concerning the Lord’s Day
Prize the Lord’s Day. The more that others despise and trample on it, love you it. The louder the storm of blasphemy howls around you, sit the closer at the feet of Jesus … Diligently improve all holy time. It should be the busiest day of the seven; but only in the business of eternity. Avoid sin on that holy day. God’s children should avoid sin every day, but most of all on the Lord’s day … Spend the Lord’s day in the Lord’s presence. Spend it as a day in heaven. Spend much of it in praise and in works of mercy, as Jesus did.