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james smith

April 2010

 from James Smith

James Smith (1802-62) was a Christian minister. He was one of C H Spurgeon’s predecessors at New Park Street Chapel in London, and (in particular) ministered with great blessing in Cheltenham. His  devotional, The Believer’s Daily Remembrancer, subtitled Pastor’s Morning and Evening Visit,  was very popular in its own day, and has received a new lease of life through recent republication. There follow some samples from it, touching upon some of the ‘precious’ verses in Scripture.

2 Peter 1:1, ‘precious faith’
Faith is the gift of God. It is the fruit of everlasting love, the effect of grace; we believe through grace … This always produces love to Jesus, and leads the soul to obey him out of gratitude. It is precious, being scarce, few thus believe; being valuable, without it we cannot please God, cannot be justified, cannot rejoice in hope, or enjoy gospel blessings … Gracious God! Give unto thy people, and unto me especially, much precious faith, that believing in Jesus, I may rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

1 Peter 1:19, ‘precious blood’
The blood of Jesus is the price of our redemption, the object of our faith, the ground of our peace, the subject of our meditation, and our constant plea at the throne of grace … It is indeed precious blood! It is invaluable! Whenever you feel guilt on your conscience, fears rising in your mind, or a gloom come over your spirit; look to, meditate upon, make use of, the precious blood of Jesus. It made peace, it gives peace, and it secures peace. It cleanses, heals, and sanctifies; and we could not live one happy day without it.

2 Peter 1:4, ‘precious promises’
The promises of Scripture are the promises of the great God; they are all of free grace; they are confirmed by the blood of Jesus; and are exceeding great and very precious. They are so plain that a child could understand them; and so great that no angel could fulfil them. There is such a variety that they meet every case; and such a fulness that they include every want … Let us think of them, plead them, and expect their fulfilment today; our God is a faithful God, keeping covenant and mercy unto a thousand generations.

1 Peter 2:7, ‘he is precious’
Yes: Jesus is precious to every believer … Is he so to you? Live near to him, be intimate with him, and you will feel him precious. The more you know of him, the more you will prize him.